Smart Washer-Dryer Sings

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Smart Washer-Dryer Sings its Problems to the Repairman

Next to the refrigerator, the washer and dryer in your home are probably the most reliable gadgets you own. That hasn’t stopped LG coming up with a crazy new diagnostic scheme to help them troubleshoot these appliances from afar, and to take the stupid meat-sack owner (you) almost entirely out of the equation

No, this isn’t another internet-connected-appliance story. Instead, it is a product so odd that LG’s engineers must have been smoking something while inventing it. It works like this: When there is a problem, you call up LG. The person at the other end then gives you instructions, telling you to press some buttons in a certain order. Once you have put in the Konami cheat-code, a series of tones will chime from your washer or dryer like the spaceship in Close Encounters.

The trained LG technician will then diagnose these mysterious sounds and decide what to do. At no point are you, the owner, required to read a number out wrongly, or to second-guess the technician on the line. Once LG has the information it requires, it can decide whether or not it needs to send out a repairman, and that repairman will arrive equipped with just the right tools and parts.

The tech, called SmartDiagnosis, is pretty weird, but it is also very clever, and is already available on a few machines like the WM3885 pictured above ($1,900). I wonder when we’ll see this tech brought to more commonly failing gadgets, like PCs? Once we get used to these odd rituals, I imagine the IT guys having an amazing time pranking their callers: “First, I’d like you to hold the keyboard over your head. Now, sir, please whistle the national anthem.”


LG smart washing machines [LG. Thanks, Ralph!]

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