Dads on Wheels: Brian Brooks

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dads on Wheels: Brian Brooks

How old are your kids and why do you bike with them? When did you start them biking?

I have on daughter, Simone(2yrs). Cycling is a great way to spent time together exploring the city and beyond. She love riding! She was 10 months old when she had her first bike ride. 

How often do you bike with your kinds now ….and do you bike with them for fun or also for taking them on errands, getting them to school?
We ride at lease once a week. We bike for fun, running errands and to day care.

What’s the best thing about biking with your kid(s)?
Getting her outside and enjoying the feeling of cycling. I would love for her to have no fear but respect traffic.

What do you say to relatives or friends who think the streets of San Francisco are not safe for kids to bike?
I've only heard that once and my reply is where in the US are the streets safe walking cycling or driving?

What makes a route or street OK for taking your kids biking on it?
Bike lines, Sharrows or little traffic. 

We saw Brian and his baby
We saw Brian and his baby by Pamela Palma – bici girl

Is it even harder getting kids ready for trips if you’re traveling by bike?
Not really. Its actually better because you can't carry as much "stuff"

How often do you bike on your own: recreation/exercise or for transportation also?
As much as possible. a few time a week plus every weekend.

Any advice for other dads who are thinking about biking on their own or with their kids?
At stop lights I also look drivers in the eyes so they know I'm riding with my child. Be confident with your cycling skills. Be aware of traffic.

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Gracias Brian!!

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