Train to be a Hypnotherapist- December offer- check them out !

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 If you have been thinking of becoming a Hypnotherapist or a
Hypnosis Instructor there has never been a better time than now
to get started.  Our end of the year Holiday Specials feature the
best prices we have had on our training programs to date. 
You also have the added advantage of being able to claim the cost
of your course as a business tax deduction thereby saving you more
money as you go into 2011.

Hypnotic Holiday Specials

$200 off 6 Day Group Live Hypnosis Certification Training.

$200 off 3 Day individual Live Hypnosis Certification Training
(If you have been considering being trained in a one on one 3 day
situation by Rene & Raluca this is the time to do it for the
biggest savings available.  After this sale is over the 3 day
certification course will be considerably increased from what it
has been in 2010.  Reserve your low tuition now with a down
payment and schedule for later when you are ready to attend.)

$150 off of our Hypnosis Instructor Certification Course
(This is the only discount we have ever offered on the Trainer Program)

$60 off of our Hypnosis Home Study Course

All four specials include our “Lowest Tuition Guarantee”.
To learn more or to register now go to:

on our Introductory Special of the

NEW Comedy Hypnosis Certification Course 

Only $149  regular: $199.

When the price changes back on this page it is over:


Vili Brence, Celje, Slovenia
Steve Masourian, Atlanta, GA
Bobby Kent, Tornado, WV

Please help us to Welcome our new instructors to the group.

To contact these instructors or to see who is in your area go to:


     You may have all heard the term "thoughts become things"
before. I would like to speak to you about a topic that is a
little beyond this term.  It's about how "thoughts precede things".

                    Thoughts Precede Things
                          by Rene Bastarache, CI

     If you take a moment to think about it, everything was first
a thought before it could exist.  You would think of a recipe first
and then you would create the meal.  You would think of how to
build a house and then you would build it.  You would think of a
complement and then you would say it.  In fact I even had to
think about this article before I was able to write it. It had to
begin with a thought or a blueprint in the mind before it could
be created.

     So your thoughts become things in your mind before they
materialize in your reality.  Your mind, being the world of
thought, the subconscious world, the ether or what can even be
called Source Energy.  In other words there is a world of thought
that exists before the world of reality can.

     We as humans are creating machines.  Whatever we focus on or
think about becomes reality whether we want it to or not.  It's
as if the subconscious mind is an "Out-of-Control Genie".

     Focus on positive things and you will feel great.
     Focus on negative and you will feel bad.
     Focus on what you want and you will get it.
     Focus on what you don't want and you will get it.

     The reason for this is that one of the traits of the subconscious
mind is that it does not understand negative.  So when you are
focusing on wanting to be wealthy, you are beginning to
immediately attract wealth to you.  When you are focusing on not
wanting to be broke, your focus is on "being broke" and that is
exactly what you are attracting. 

     So are you focusing on having a wonderful marriage or not
getting a divorce?  Are you focusing on being successful in business
or not being able to pay bills?  Are you focusing on being healthy
or not having a specific disorder?  Either way, you will always
get what you are focusing on.  That is the nature and one of the
main purposes of the subconscious.

     What if there is "no focus" happening?

     What if something has "not" been thought of by anyone?  If
that be the case, then it cannot exist!  Why?  Because thought 
always precedes the thing.  No thought or focus equals no thing.
Therefore you cannot be sick unless you focused on it either
positively, negatively, in passing, in wanting it or not wanting
it.  There had to be a thought or focus first.

     The same goes for wealth, relationships happiness etc.  This
is why it is so important to constantly monitor your thoughts.
Whatever you think becomes your reality.  That is why it is said
that "a belief is simply something you keep thinking about over
and over".

     You are the creator of your reality.  Since everything you
think about or focus on is your reality then if you believe in
everything you just read, you are right.  But… if you don't
believe what you just read, then that would mean that you are
also right.  Interesting concept isn’t it…

                                Our Gift to You

     Realizing that thoughts become things… this holiday season
Raluca and I are focusing on the thoughts of wishing you all the
very best of success and happiness in the coming year.  We have
just created it with our thoughts and now it is up to you to
accept and enjoy it!

                     Happy Holidays

       from the American School of Hypnosis

American School of Hypnosis, P.O. Box 168, Biddeford, ME 04005, United States


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