What does the federal investment in bicycling buy?

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

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One of the most wonderful things about bicycling is the multitude of benefits it brings. We know that bicycling improves our health, economy, environment, and society. Sometimes it can be difficult to quickly and effectively tell this story, particularly when we're talking with a member of Congress or a staffer who has yet to recognize the gains generated by the federal bicycling investment. To help advocates communicate the value of biking to federal policymakers, we developed a series of 10 case studies on U.S. bike facilities with success stories.

This project, titled "The Federal Investment in Bicycling: 10 Success Stories," describes a geographically diverse group of bike facilities — ranging from bike lanes to singletrack trails –that were built at least in part with federal funding. It aims to pinpoint what federal spending in bicycling can buy, and show bicycling as a cost-effective investment. Economic benefits are listed for each project, including an estimate of jobs created, as well as environmental, health, and socioeconomic outcomes of the facilities.

The series is designed to be easy to read, with magazine-style layout and large photos of the facilities. We plan to add to this presentation in the future, eventually creating a library of case studies that help paint a picture of bicycling as a worthy investment at any level — local, state, or federal.

You can view the project on our Federal Funding & Policy section, or request a printed copy by emailingkate@bikesbelong.org



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