Facebook Security Alert !

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NEW VIRUS ON FB using YOUR pictures !

 It says you've been tagged in a picture, wants you to click on a link to see it. 

Then hacks into YOUR computer & ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS including BANKING & other secure accounts. 


Once hacked into your comp it sends e-mails to your friends telling them they've been TAGGED in pics & starts the process again.

Be Careful and Look out for Odd Messages !


 FB has automatically set itself to the Non-Secure browsing setting! While on FB, look at your URL address (the very top box on your screen.) If u see "http:" instead of "https:" then u DO NOT have a secure session & can be hacked. Go to Account – Account Settings – Account Security – click Change. Check the box labeled "Secure Browsing" – Click Save. Copy & Re-post.

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How bright is your smile today

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Dreamy White Teeth  Brings you a little info to help Brighten Your Smile Today,

Applying a tooth whitening jelly is a renouned and protected way to impregnate with colour pearly whiles that have turn yellow or dull over time. Many people request to scold their smiles and accomplish whiter teeth and the cosmetic attention is a billion dollar attention staunch to assisting people lighten and impregnate with colour their smile.


The causes of tooth blemish are several. Improper brushing, celebration particular beverages such as caffeinated sodas, coffee, tea and red booze can all stain aspect finish and make teeth yellowish or greyish over time.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to retreat the blemish and impregnate with colour tarnished teeth. One comparatively cheap choice that produces innate seeking results is using a whitening gel. The gels can impregnate with colour teeth by a few shades over a time of a few days and outward discoloration.

How It Works

Prescription rank whitening gels are practical by cosmetic dentists. They enclose possibly hydrogen or cerbamide peroxide that dig the enamel, creation teeth whiter and dissolving stains. A jelly is practical to the tooth aspect and penetrates the teeth, producing a whitening effect.

At home whitening gels are moreover existing for reduction thespian results and outward tooth staining. Many verbal hygiene brands, create whitening kits at home. The answer is connected to the tooth aspect and contingency sojourn on the teeth for about two hours to penetrate.

Possible Side Effects

Although not serious, there are some side belongings related with any form of tooth whitening. Any sort of splotch will irritate sensitivity, primarily hot/cold sensitivity. This attraction will fade over the march of one or two days but might be uneasy at first. Applying a desensitizing jelly might help mitigate primary discomfort. Another side outcome might be the slight whitening of gums, nonetheless this as well fades bit by bit over the march of a few hours. Avoiding prohibited and sharp dishes is to primary time after the treatment is recommended.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone with slight blemish and who desires whiter teeth is a participant for tooth bleaching. Gels can lighten teeth by a few shades. Whitening gels are exceedingly efficient at stealing and lightening outward stains, nonetheless more major dirty might need the use of laser technology. Laser can help burly whitening gels to union further, producing even more thespian results.

Thanks for getting more information this article, and we unequivocally wish to help you more, so we have enclosed some links for you to look at, click here!: Teeth Whitening Reviews and tooth splotch facts

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Bike Stolen ? don’t despair, try these 10 Steps…

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toptownbikes.com is here to help !


1. File a police report within 72 hours

If you have the serial number of the bike (found on the bottom of the bike, where …

2. List your bike as stolen

on Bike Revolution.org, the global bike registration and recovery site athttp://www.bikerevolution.org/register.html …

3. Contact your insurance company

Check to see if your bike was insured, your insurance company needs to be informed immediately …

4. Kryptonite lock users

If you were using a specialist lock, such as a Kryptonite lock and your bike was stolen, …

5. Get alerts from eBay on bikes that match your bike

If you don’t already have one, sign up for an Ebay account and create a saved search on …

6. Get alerts from Gumtree

Gumtree sells lots of bikes. Some are stolen. They have operations in the US, Australia, Canada …

7. Use Craigslist auto-search tools

For users in the US, Craiglist has a number of auto-search tools – one in particular is a …

9. Spread the word

Call on local bike shops with a picture and details of your bike. They are happy to help …

10. Post a reward where your bike was stolen

If you can’t live without your bike, post a reward for its safe return, no questions asked …

Thanks to 


Or maybe its time for a new one ?

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The Under Water Cyclist

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Thanks to Aaron from Streetsblog San Francisco we have something easy and quick to blog here on Sunday. A new underwater sculpture museum off the coast of Cancun features what Aaron called "an underwater Citizen Cyclist statue".

Thanks for the link, Aaron. To see what other statues are featured you can check out this link or see this film:

I'm sure Cancun lives up to the dream of tropical holidays for many but personally I find it hard to take a place seriously when its location was determined by a computer programme when the developers were planning Cancun. I read that in Taras Grescoe's 'The End of Elsewhere: Travels Among the Tourists' (2003). 

Copenhagenize the planet. And have a lovely day.

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Repair Your Bike By iPhone !

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Top Town Bikes & Bicycles Brings you some great news,


Now you can Repair your bike using your iPhone


Bike Doctor Logo“I’ve never really wanted to mess with my bike but thing’s have started playing up and I don’t know where to start”. My friend Daniel is one of many new cyclists who’ve fallen in love with cycling. Just over 14 months ago he purchased a Marin bike and has been riding to work since. But recently a few bits have been getting a bit squeaky and the brakes aren’t quite stopping him as promptly as he would like. He doesn’t know whether to take it in for an expensive £99 full bike service or to look at it himself.

In July I released a bike repair iPhone app that is really useful to someone like my good friend who would like to save some money and do a few basic bike repairs himself. In-fact it’s also useful to someone who already knows how to do various bike repairs but sometimes forgets some of the details and can use a friendly reminder.

Yesterday, we majorly updated the bike repair app to Version 1.1 so I thought it would be a good time to mention it again.

Screenshot of the iPhone app showing the categories of repairFrom the simple bike repairs that makes a big difference to the common but slightly more complex..

The iPhone app now contains 24 bike repairs. It will show you some of the simple stuff that makes a huge difference such as how to keep your bike clean. It will also take you through some of the more advanced repairs such as stopping gears from skipping. It aims to do so in a simple to understand way that anyone can follow.

Is your bike safe to ride?

It can be pretty useful to know the answer to this question. Therefore, we’ve added a bike safety check to our bike repair iPhone app to help you quickly run through the different parts of your bike to check they are okay and don’t need any attention.

Unforeseen emergency repairs

When you are out cycling it can be incredibly useful to have the information to repair your bike to hand. Even something simple like a puncture repair can be a little bit daunting to a beginner. The app is always there in your pocket, like a humble servant, ready to spring to life when you need it.

Save money and don’t be scared of looking after your bike

The app is part of a bit of a personal mission I have to show people that looking after your own bike needn’t be something to be scared of or to think that it is only the realm of heavy enthusiasts. I think a squeaky half broken bike ruins the fun of cycling. Anyone can be proud to repair their bike themselves, enjoying cycling fully and saving a ton of money in the mean time!

I wanted to extend a big thank you for everyone who’s downloaded the iPhone bike repair app Bike Doctor. I’ll be putting in many more hours to add more repairs and updates that will make it even more useful. It is thanks to you guys the app has been so well received and recognised.

Download Bike Doctor for the iPhone or iPod Touch

Get your very own pocket bike mechanic who is always available! Download Bike Doctor from the link below:

Get the app to repair your bike on your iPhone

Download link: 

Android Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor is now available on the Android.

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How warm are your Wristies ?

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 Brings you a review on a Handy winter cycleling product,
On my second day at Outdoor Retailer, I happened to walk past a booth with a sign that said “Texting Gloves”. I know that you’re thinking. Seriously? Yes, at face value, that might sound kind of silly. But I had already seen Anti-Monkey Butt, Poo-Pourri, and Cat Crap, so it didn’t sound that silly to me. Anyway, I stopped to have a look, and two very polite young women introduced me to Wristies.

So what are Wristies? A simple but effective product for keeping your hands and wrists warm while still allowing full use of your fingers. How simple? Well, they were designed by a rather clever and motivated ten year old that didn’t like having cold hands. KK Gregory came up with the idea when she was a child, and is now back at the company she started, and enthusiastic as ever. With good reason too. Wristies are made in the USA, which means folks in Rollinsford, New Hampshire have jobs because of Wristies. This is good. It also means that they’re not made overseas, which is also good.* They’re made from Polartec, which is great. That means they’re strong, yet light weight, will retain body heat, and repel water. The interior is warm and soft fleece, while the shell has a smooth finish. All the sewing and seams are nicely finished, with the thumbhole well-placed, and the material in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger sized just right to provide warmth up to the knuckle area without too much bulk. While the texting angle is nice, they’re actually great for anyone looking to keep their hands and wrists warm, while still enjoying the appeal of naked fingers. I tested them typing, (this post) fiddling with the radio while driving, gripping the bars on both a road and BMX bike, and even working a target pistol. They seem to work great on their own, or as a base layer under gloves when warmth is more important than tactile feel.


Given that I probably have another two months of snowy weather ahead of me, I’ll continue to put them through their paces, and will report back on long term durability. In the meantime, this is one product that I can heartily recommend. It does what it promises, doesn’t cost much, and is American made. The only downside I found over several days of wearing them was that they weren’t too compatible with one of my long sleeve work shirts, but that was resolved by unbuttoning the sleeves at the wrists. Not necessarily a fault with the product, there just wasn’t room under the sleeve for them, and I didn’t want to stretch them over.

After several tries at photographing them, we finally gave up. Feet, tattoos, cats, and chihuahuas seemed to magically appear in our photos. So please visit the Wristies websitefor more details on sizes, colors, and pricing.

*While I am not opposed to international commerce, I see no reason to manufacture certain items overseas just to save a few bucks. Having worked in the transport industry, I have a tendency to give more thought to the trucks and trains that deliver containers to the port, the crane that lift the containers onto the ship, and the ship that spends weeks on the ocean before that container arrives on our shores, only to have the product spend some more in transport. Sure, I may be off on a slight tangent here, but the point is that all those transport costs add up not just to expenses, but they take an environmental toll. So props to KK for taking the high road, which is actually less expensive for all of us in the long run.

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Originally published on IndustryOutsider.com on 1/27/2011

Ride of Silence – Not so Quiet

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DATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2011
TIME: Meet at 6:30pm, Ride at 7:00 pm
START/FINISH: Thousand Oaks/Countywide parking lot (Just North of W. Hillcrest Drive on W. Wilbur Road. Enter on W. Wilbur Road)
DISTANCE: 10 Miles


The Conejo Valley Cyclists and the City of Thousand Oaks invite all concerned cyclists to join us for our fourth annual Ride of Silence. This year, the ride leaves at 7 pm on May 18, 2011 from the Countrywide parking lot (NW corner of Hillcrest and Wilbur in Thousand Oaks), with riders encouraged to begin gathering at 6:30 pm.

Last year we had more than 180 riders join in. For 2011 we we hope to increase that number.

The Ride of Silence is a solemn observance of the death or injury of all our brothers and sisters due to accidents between their bicycles and motor vehicles on the road. Join us as we ride a short 10 miles at a slow 12-mph pace to honor the memory of the 600-plus cyclists who die each year on our roads.

We are working with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to have rolling traffic breaks to keep together as one peloton.

Join cyclists worldwide in a silent slow-paced 10 mile ride (12 mph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.


* To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
* To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
* To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD

Suggest you may wish to join ?

At Thousand Oaks, CA – May 18, 2011 – 7:00 PM


On May 18, 2011, at 7:00 PM, the Ride of Silence will begin in North America and roll across the globe. Cyclists will take to the roads in a silent procession to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Although cyclists have a legal right to share the road with motorists, the motoring public often isn't aware of these rights, and sometimes not aware of the cyclists themselves.

The Ride Of Silence is a free ride that asks its cyclists to ride no faster than 12 mph and remain silent during the ride. There is no brochure, no sponsors and no registration fees. The ride, which is held during Bike Safety month, aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to show respect for those who have been killed or injured.

Helmets Mandatory ● Lights Suggested

The Ride of Silence…

Tonight we number many but ride as one
In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons
With helmets on tight and heads down low,
We ride in silence, cautious and slow
The wheels start spinning in the lead pack
But tonight we ride and no one attacks
The dark sunglasses cover our tears
Remembering those we held so dear
Tonight's ride is to make others aware
The road is there for all to share
To those not with us or by our side,
May God be your partner on your final ride

These are our roads too: 

Same Roads, Same Rules, Same Rights.

For more information, please see the official Ride of Silence webpage as well as our CVC Ride of Silencewebpage.

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